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At the core of any successful project is a strong idea but putting it all together can be a challenge! With the right team behind you (that would be us!) we can ensure all your marketing efforts, from your branding and website, through to your digital marketing strategies, are executed flawlessly. Our mission is to make your business not only succeed, but flourish! The team at Outspoken Entourage have over 35 years collective experience in graphic design, branding, website design, digital marketing and social media marketing and have been operating from the stunning Coffs Coast for 8 years. Oh, and there’s no ego here, just a great team to take the time to understand your business so we can make it thrive. Get in touch to discuss your next project 1300 494 990The core team of Outspoken Entourage doesn't change. This means when you have a project created, we can update it whether that's next month or in three years. We don't outsource which means we have the knowledge and skill required to make the change whenever that may be. Our clients are located throughout Australia including Sydney and Melbourne.

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Signs and vehicle graphic design is a large part of what Outspoken Entourage create on a daily basis to ensure a businesses branding is interpreted as per your branding guidelines.

Whether you need an awning/facade sign, window signs, reception desk, privacy window, directional signs, amenities signs, one way vision, 3D cut lettering or logo, illuminated sign, wallpaper graphics or a freestanding block sign proudly displayed at the front of your building, we can help from design through to production and delivery.

We solely designed the complete award ceremony stage used for the World Rally Championship from 2015 - 2017, measuring over 8 metres tall and 20 metres long with signs, ramps for the cars to drive over, 8 metre wide trailer mounted screen, Australian themed garden, and lighting! Oh yeah, it also had to be able to be built in under 24 hours and removed in 12!

We have a preferred network of suppliers who can (and do) install signage for the entire Bathurst 1000 Supercars race at Mt Panorama through to local suppliers who have the most exquisite attention to detail for car wraps, shop signs and even custom trophies with 3D lettering.

These relationships ensure you not only get the best installation, but also quality materials that won't bake onto your car's paintwork ,requiring a respray when it is removed!

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Aspire Speech sign design
Circular Sign
Community Transport Company car wrap design
The Community Transport Company
Vehicle Graphics
Sea Salt Fishmongers sign
Sea Salt Fishmongers
Painted & Acrylic Sign
Hoys Car Wrap Design
Hoys Allied Health
3/4 Vehicle Wrap
Green Thumb Landscapes car design
Green Thumb Landscapes
Vehicle Wrap
Old Johns Sign Design
Old Johns
Custom Circular Metal Sign with Welded Supporting Mount
Hess Property Shopfront sign 3D Acrylic Melbourne
Hess Property
Shopfront Illuminated Sign
trades site sign design
Coast to Coast Tiling
Corflute Site Sign
Car Ute Wrap design
Digby Carpentry
Vehicle Graphics
sign design for Organic Food hub
Organic Food Hub
Window Sign
OE Studio
Outspoken Entourage
Interior Studio Sign
Gloss Metal Panels, 10mm Acrylic Router Cut 2Pac Paint
Rally Australia WRC Sign Podium
2016 World Rally Championships
Stage Design including truss, trailer mounted screen, ramp, garden, signs, banners

sign ecosystems

Outspoken Entourage thrive on designing memorable signs, not only for small projects but also for large ecosystems such as events, cities, large corporate sites or architectural projects.

Examples of these are events (such as the World Rally Championship in Australia) where signs were created for podiums, stages, on-track sponsors, spectator directional, way finding signs for international competitors, media, first aid along with the hundreds of stage signs used to identify time control checkpoints, hazards and more.

Large corporate sites who require cohesive branding throughout their signs are also a specialty. These can include directory signs, signs to show the location of elevators, amenities and meeting rooms, through to wall displays purely for aesthetic use. We have produced such systems for large multi-national companies with branch offices in each state.

We have also worked with architects and planners to develop sign systems which are adaptable for all number of sign types and applications within government areas and accommodation properties.

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