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World Drinks Awards Bronze DesignWorld Gin Design Awards Bronze DesignWorld Drinks Awards Bronze Design

Quality packaging design is critical for retail products. You can't charge a premium price for your product if the packaging looks like it belongs on a product half its price.

Packaging is one of those things that you cannot scrimp on. If the packaging is to sell a product or influence a buyer's decision, it needs to stand out, be individual and sell your products for you. If it doesn't, the cost of not selling the product, having future orders reduced or cancelled by retailers, or having the product go out of date before it sells, can be a massive waste of resources.

Whether you are selling a bottle of wine, a children's toy, or a beauty product, it doesn't matter how good your product is, if the packaging isn't on-point, you have very little chance of making a success of that product.

Outspoken Entourage has had tremendous success with packaging design. We have won (on behalf of our clients) two International Design Awards in 2022 and one in 2021 at the World Drinks Awards based in the UK for a vodka and gin label design created for a distillery (shown below).

If you have a product going to market, give it the best possible chance of being successful by having the packaging designed by Outspoken Entourage. The cost of bad design far outweighs the cost of good design for retail products.

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World Drinks Awards Bronze DesignWorld Drinks Awards Bronze DesignWorld Drinks Awards Bronze Design
Label & Packaging Design for a distillery

relationships ensuring success

Creating the best packaging in the world rests not only with the Graphic Designer's experience, skill and knowledge but also on their relationship with specialist label and packaging printers. The best label design in the world can be let down by printers who do not specialise in producing high-end labels and packaging or by designers who have limited experience in setting up finished artwork for pre-press.

Outspoken Entourage has sourced, tested and used the best of the best specialist label printers in Australia. Whether you want your label printed on a clear gloss substrate with a clear matt varnish, through to foil embellishments, pearl effect papers, textures, embossing or debossing, custom die-cut shapes on the box or the label itself, or raised white gloss printed on a black textured card, we have the relationships to create whatever you desire.

Using these specialty products requires a high level of knowledge, not only for the designer but also the printer in being able to interpret and deliver. The results can be spectacular and our relationships with these specialist artisan printers ensure that we can also provide proofs and examples of different effects to create the most stunning product labels and packaging anywhere in the world.

We are here, not only to design your label and packaging, but also to see it through to completion by liaising with the print team at every step of the process. From samples, to artwork changes for different effects, proofing, press checks if required and final delivery and quality control of the product, we'll be right beside you.

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packaging label design Melbourne Sydney Australia
packaging label design Melbourne Sydney Australia
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