Clarence Valley Conservatorium Website Project

Clarence Valley Conservatorium Website Project
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CVCON required an updated website to match the new brand identity created by OE early in 2021. A comprehensive amount of information to be displayed.
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New website to match new rebrand of CVCON.

Clarence Valley Conservatorium (CVCON) located in Grafton NSW recently underwent an amazing rebrand and, as part of the project, a fresh new website was in order! The rebrand was recognised in the Designers 2021 Awards where it was awarded a Finalist Commendation. You can read more about the award on our about page by clicking here.

The first step of the new site was to rationalise the content from the previous website. After approval from the client, we redesigned the layout and style in our website concept and then presented a dual hamburger-style menu for approval with the header and footer menu featuring a pop-out menu to keep the site layout simplified & clean. The footer hamburger menu seemed like an easy task when we penned the concept, however putting it into practice was a major challenge! As ALL hamburger pop-out style menus are at the top of the page, developing it to be functional in the footer was a challenge.

Video Hero

We built a hero video on the home page to showcase a CVCON supplied showreel. We then put our creative touch to the overall site with scroll enabled features such as the spinning record on the staff page.

Event page to allow fast & fluid updates.

A robust events page was implemented allowing super fast changes to content and the addition or removal of events, keeping ongoing costs to a minimum. During the past 12 months, after the site went live, we are glad that we made this page foolproof as there were tens of cancellations and late minute entries to add, remove and edit throughout the year. A series of highly custom forms were designed to capture relevant details where applicable and these are used when scholarship applications and registrations are required.

Community Not for Profit - Our contribution.

As CVCON are a not for profit entity and pillar of the arts community, we decided to go the extra mile on the site and provided part of the build to CVCON pro-bono as our way of giving back to the community. This added tremendous depth to the site and meant that we weren't too restricted about the budget going over the allocated amount.

SEO technical score increase of 45%.

The SEO score on this site received an amazing result almost 45% above the previous site, ensuring that the site not only looks good, but gets found in search.

An amazing website which has an abundance of features waiting in the wings should the site require new functionality. We love working with the CVCON team and we invite you to visit the live site via the button below.

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