Digby Carpentry Vehicle Signs & Branding

Digby Carpentry Vehicle Signs & Branding
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Graphic Design


Digby Carpentry

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Acquiring a new work vehicle prompted the need for a rebrand for Digby Carpentry. Wanting a fresh new look with their branding, we created a unique logo.
Project Details:

Exciting new rebrand and logo - Digby Carpentry located Coffs Harbour

Digby Carpentry approached us to commission a new logo and brand design for their flourishing carpentry business based on the Coffs Coast. Looking at other carpentry logos convinced us that to stand out from the crowd, we could not use imagery such as saws, chisels, screwdrivers and the like.

James still wanted some sort of iconography to give his logo some pop within the realms of carpentry tools. Thinking of the "measure twice, cut once" saying, we thought a tape measure could have potential.

Incorporation of the D and C into the Logo Design

We looked to incorporate the D and C from the company initials and came up with the D being the shape of the tape measure body with the C sitting within. After some fiddling around and fine tuning, we then stripped back the design to the bare minimum shapes, removed the outline from the measuring tape component and presented it to James.

The client's reaction to the Logo

James loved the overall concept which was shown at this stage in black and white. He also liked the curves of the main logotext but wanted it to be slightly less abstract (the first concept was a bit on the "artsy" side). We stripped it back, replaced the typeface with some different options and then presented to James who approved the revised concept.

Logo Concept Approval

The overall concept and final typeface style was approved so we began the branding guidelines document. The document included a vehicle wrap design, magazine advertisement, site signs, business cards and apparel. We are happy to say that the majority of these items made it into production and if you reside in the Coffs Harbour area, you have no doubt seen it driving around looking fantastic with its matt finish wrap.

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