Family Law Pathways Network Multi-Site Build

Family Law Pathways Network Multi-Site Build
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Family Law Pathways Network

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To create a website for FLPN NSW along with 10 branch location sites. All sites required a blog page, easy editor access and a continuity of branding.
Project Details:

Multi-Site Project for 11 FLPN NSW Branch Websites

We were contacted by Family Law Pathways Network (FLPN) to provide a group of websites including a number of branch sites with a State parent site. FLPN is a not-for-profit (NFP) organisation, with the goal to create a network amongst stakeholders operating in the Family Law sector, both within the legal industry and outside (support services, health, community).

The Project Deliverables

The project deliverables were expansive and included;

  • Designing a website concept for review, assessment and approval by the project committee
  • Providing individual access to each branch location site for editor access and CMS access
  • Build a robust CMS which would contain all the essential information for upcoming events
  • Ensure each branch location continued the styling of the NSW website
  • Provide SEO that would enable the site/s to be easily found in Google search, particularly for branch locations and regions
  • Provide a comprehensive directory/resources page for each of the branch locations (some with over 200 entries)
  • Provide a number of training sessions to stakeholders who had varying knowledge on website maintenance
  • Deliver and launch all websites within a short time period
  • Ensure that the website was unlikely to "break" (one way websites can break is when a change is made by a contributor which may create knock-on effects such as text overlapping images or elements required for functionality such as menus being modified and not being able to be returned to an acceptable state by the contributor). This required any element which could potentially break the site being "turned off" from access.
  • Raising the profile of FLPN in the community by providing a professional, friendly and well designed user experience (UX)

The Website Concept

A website concept was designed and presented for review by the committee. After a few minor tweaks and committee meetings, a website concept was approved for the NSW site. We then used the learnings from the parent site's concept and created an adaptable concept for the branch / child sites. Only minor tweaks were needed before we had an approved concept.

Project Management

With such a large number of websites to be built and delivered at once, the project management for OE was handled by Nicola who, along with Wendy from FLPN, set about obtaining the required information for each website. A document with guides as to the type of information to be entered, the main headings and the word count recommendations was formulated and circulated to the stakeholders. This framework meant it was generally smooth sailing on collecting the required info for each section, page and site.

Developing the Website

We reviewed the content provided by the branches and then used the site which had the most information and most challenging layout problems to solve, as the site to be built first. With so many sites to be rolled out, a lot of time was put into the development of the first site to ensure that the subsequent sites to be populated required minimal exceptions. It was thoroughly tested on many devices, browsers and screens to ensure we had the best setup to run across the majority.

After thorough testing we carried out all necessary SEO work and then thoroughly tested the site to ensure that the SEO score was where we wanted it to end up for each of the websites. This work on the SEO alone took more time than many websites take to build from start to finish. We knew, however, that time spent now would be realised in the roll out of the other sites. A perfect technical score on the main test used for assessing SEO was the result.

Rolling out the Child Sites

We then submitted the finished site to the team for approval. A couple of small edits later and we were then full steam in populating each of the other branch sites, each with their own images, copy, SEO work and relevant info.

The Parent Site - NSW FLPN

The parent site, which has many unique parts of the site architecture, was built. A video was used in the hero image on the home page along with individual branch links to each of the child sites.

The Launch

The sites were then booked in with FLPN's IT resource to assist with the transition to the new sites. We launched each site individually and then within a few hours, each one started to populate at its respective domain and subdomain (eg Mark then pieced together a training session to educate the users on the site's capabilities and how to login and update as required and a number of training sessions over Zoom were held.

It was an amazing project to be a part of! We love being able to deliver amazing work to clients and in particular to NFPs who do so much for the community. The delivered sites are consistent in their style, have a clean and functional layout and purpose and its backend is robust to allow even the "greenest" of web collaborators to add content with confidence!

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