G&A Legal Woolgoolga - Logo, Brand Identity Project

G&A Legal Woolgoolga - Logo, Brand Identity Project
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Logo & Branding


G&A Legal

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Create a new logo and identity for long-term established legal practice operating from Woolgoolga located on the Coffs Coast in NSW.
Project Details:

Logo & Brand Design for Legal Practice, Woolgoolga, Coffs Coast

When Pardeep contacted us to discuss a rebrand for her recently acquired legal practice based in Woolgoolga we were excited. Pardeep operates a beachside legal practice in Woolgoolga NSW and has clients throughout the region and internationally. Being a general practice the team handles many different tasks and legal matters. The logo was to portray sophistication, stability and professionalism. If there were any traits that could symbolise Pardeep's background in a subtle manner this was to be a consideration though not a necessity. The form of the logo was not to be in a round shape as many competitors in the region displayed logos using this form.

The initial concepts

We worked on several concepts in the beginning before culling and refining the versions with merit for review. Some examples had a digital pixel style design along with several versions which incorporated the letter G and A in a monogram manner. We spent considerable time developing these ideas and presented a range to Pardeep. Some were deeply abstract and required the viewer's analysis in order to determine the symbol. Some examples were more straight forward.

Development of the Elephant Symbol

One of the concepts presented was of an elephant head portrayed in an abstract polygon style. This immediately spoke to Pardeep. An elephant carries a certain amount of symbolism including good luck, a remover of obstacles as well as strength, power, wisdom, memory and vitality (Wikipedia). Many of these traits are adopted by the team and this further strengthened the logo concept. We fine-tuned the symbol to its current form by refining the tusks and elements including a version with rounded angles and the selected version with sharp corners. Pardeep loved that the symbol made the viewer look twice to determine what it was ensuring that the abstract image would be remembered.

Approval of Logomark

After an approval was received, we began designing a full set of branding guidelines including colours, typefaces as well as positioning of the logomark and its branding elements throughout different project types. The development of the branding included another elephant icon (with body) which could be used in a complementary manner throughout future collateral. The abstract double sided letterhead has this displayed as a full size image on the back along with the thank you postcards used for clients. The conceptual business cards look striking in black with gold foil and the range of sign design options gives a good indication of how signage could be designed and manufactured. We also decided to have some fun and design a "Partner's Ring" with a round icon developed from the logo displayed on top.

Rollout of new branding

We look forward to working with this newly developed brand and can't wait to see it on signage and stationery along with an upcoming website.

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