Integrascope Logo & Brand Identity - Design Project

Integrascope Logo & Brand Identity - Design Project
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Logo & Branding



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Create a logo and brand identity for a newly formed business with many services which required non-specific brand imagery and development of a wordmark.
Project Details:

Logo and brand identity for multi-service business

Integrascope is a newly formed business specialising in residential painting and renovation.

The logo form needed to be non-specific in nature so that it would not exclude any potential clients.

The type of logo most suitable for the brief

This design brief meant that it was likely that a wordmark logo was going to be suitable (see link for an article which explains the different types of logos here!) so we started the ball rolling with a number of logo concepts that used the shortened characters of the business name (IS) along with the full word.

Initial logo design concepts presented

The first presentation of the various concepts was successful with a couple of options being selected. We took these away and developed further. The refined and developed logos looked great and were left with the client to review.

A few days later the client elected to go in a new direction with the design by combining a number of graphical elements. These were put together and presented however it was apparent that the development of the logo had taken a turn in the wrong direction as they were starting to resemble other logos in the market and the decision was made to not proceed with them.

After review of some of the initial concepts we had created in the first round, one logo we had created stood out as being memorable and unique and having the simplicity and minimalist style the client desired. After a quick catch up, we developed this logo to create the finished logo that is in use today. It features a large "i" which has been integrated with the full business name. It also conjures up some symbolism showing a tall form. See the finished logo suite below showing the primary, text only and icon.

Logo design Melbourne - branding suite
Logo suite shown. Note customisation of the text with the "i" "t", "g" and "o" characters formed to connect with the following character.

Often with logo design projects, we need to go down different paths and work on concepts that don't eventuate. This is simply part of the design process and often creating examples which never see the light of day is a good way to put an idea to rest and create examples of what a client does not like so we can realise what they do prefer. We wrote an interesting article a few years back which is still relevant today "Why the first design you're shown is often the best" which is linked should you wish to take a look.

What many people don't realise when they come to us for a new logo is that the simplest logos generally take the longest to design. This is because part of the logo design process is to add all of the original ideas that the client expresses in the design brief into the one form. It is then the process of stripping that logo form back to its most simple form that takes experience (and discipline to do well) to create a logo which has the required aesthetic and meaning to the client.

If you would like to learn more about our design process, we have written an article "What goes into a logo and branding design project?" which may give further insight into the process and shows how logo design isn't a one size fits all undertaking.

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