JDG Constructions - Website Build Project

JDG Constructions - Website Build Project
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JDG Constructions

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JDG Constructions builds award winning luxury homes. A luxury home builder needs a luxury website. This amazing website features a high level of animation.
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Premium Website build with Dynamic Content for luxury builder

JDG Constructions is a multi-award winning luxury home builder based in Coffs Harbour and constructing premium and luxury home from Byron Bay through to Port Macquarie. We sat down with the team to evaluate their current website and marketing materials. We discussed the goals and ambitions of the company and how we could put marketing practices in place to help them realise their goals.

Scalable website to be able to grow with the business

One thing we realised early on, was that the amount of interesting information that this website could generate into the future was unlimited. Think articles on not only building but luxury home design, architectural trends, interior design trends, new materials and more meant that a fully featured articles page was a necessity which would also be able to be promoted on their social media accounts to generate website traffic. We outlined a Projects section where potential clients could discover past building projects in detail with images and information. A page describing the services being offered is always a must along with an About page on the company, its philosophy and the owners. A number of static pages were proposed along with sections filled with dynamic content (read about dynamic content by clicking here) would allow new content to be added quickly and efficiently in a robust platform either by OE or the client.

Website concept and design

As with every website we build, we first create a static document which displays the colours, typefaces, layout and overall look and feel for the website before we touch any web design software. This enables us to make quick and simple alterations to the design when taking on board the client's feedback without having to go back and change pages upon pages of the website which have already been built. Jason and Emma loved the initial concept and with an approval in place, we began the task of gathering information and building the site.

Animated effects throughout the website

As the client operated in the luxury segment of the market, the website had to go the extra mile to give users of the site that feeling. We used overlays over many of the main images which animate upon entry. The home page also features a technically challenging section to display the projects where the background changes from white to black as the page is scrolled into view (along with the menu and other items inverting in colour so as not to get lost in the colour change). This section on the desktop and laptop sizes also starts moving in a horizontal direction with the vertical scroll. A progress bar at the bottom notifies the user when the section has almost completed. The site then returns to the vertical direction and inverts back to a white background. This detail breaks up the home pages information and attempts to make the user slow down enough to ensure that all the important details are absorbed. The mobile layout is a more traditional method as the many types of phone web browsers meant that it could not reliably run on all platforms.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content is used to deliver the information on the Projects, Articles along with the various menus and lead-ins for these sections. In future the site will also contain testimonials which will be built as dynamic content to allow quick additions.

Future scalability

The website upon launch had the main requirements of the site (in order to replace the old site) completed. This will further be expanded upon in the coming months with a new Resources area, Gallery, Awards and Testimonials. The dynamic content contained in the articles will be added to in conjunction with other digital marketing and social media collateral which will go out seamlessly in unison.

We look forward to seeing JDG Constructions continue to put out exemplary work in the coming years and we look forward to working with someone as passionate about their field of work as we are about ours!

SEO Progress Update (14th March 2022)

Only two weeks after launching the new website, we ran some tests and reports to see how the website was progressing in Google rankings. We were ecstatic to see that for the search terms we were working to improve, JDG Constructions was now number one of page one on Google for a search phrase and number two on page one for the other! Amazing considering the website was nowhere to be found in the first few pages prior to the new build.

We are seeing very positive results with our builds and invite any business looking to improve their rank (and sales) to book a discovery call with us to see what we can do for them.

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