Kelly Hess Interior Design - Logo & Branding Project

Kelly Hess Interior Design - Logo & Branding Project
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Logo & Branding


Kelly Hess Design

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Create a minimalistic logo and complementary branding that can be used in many colourways for new Interior Design business located in Canberra.
Project Details:

Canberra based Interior Designer Logo & Branding Project

We met Kelly Hessenberger through a word of mouth referral from Real Estate client Hess Property (you can read about Hess Property's logo and branding project here). Kelly is a Canberra based Interior Designer who had recently experienced growth in her start-up business (Kelly Hess Design) and was ready to get serious with her blossoming Interior Design Practice.

The Project Brief

The logo had to be minimalist and initial thoughts were to have a logo centred around the letter K. Keeping the colour selection to classic black and white was a consideration, although Kelly wanted the logo to be flexible enough to be able to be used alongside sample boards she creates for her design projects by borrowing a prominent colour from them.

Working with other creative clients can be super-rewarding as things like the importance of using negative space and simplicity within the project doesn't need to be explained.

Initial Concepts

Preliminary logo concepts used geometric shapes to provide an abstract letter "K". Other versions expanded upon this using the custom-designed character on an isometric angle tying in nicely with the types of isometric plans that may be used in interior design plans and models. The logo which progressed was in a style Mark (designer) had kept in the back of his mind for some time, featuring a grid based 3x3 format.

Development of the 3x3 Concept

After a few days, Kelly got in touch and wanted to explore the 3x3 grid logo concept. Mark fine tuned it using a framework to justify the characters in the grid system. Kelly loved it and asked to explore stripping back parts of the letters to create a slightly more abstract design. Mark presented a version that Kelly had requested, along with further development of the idea involving other letters being customised. Kelly approved the logo design after some consideration and the branding guidelines document was commenced.

Branding Guidelines

The Branding Guidelines was created showing typography, colours and positioning of the logo along with several items Kelly wished to have included in the guidelines. The guidelines show the logo's subtle yet effective use in styling social media posts, stationery such as presentation folders, business cards, signs, magazine advertisements and everyday items such as email signatures. The finished logo is sharp and crisp yet understated and is designed to appeal to the segment of the market in Canberra that Kelly has identified as her demographic.

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