Nautilus Anti-Ageing Website Project (Beauty Industry)

Nautilus Anti-Ageing Website Project (Beauty Industry)
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Nautilus Anti-Ageing

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To design a clear and visually stunning site with services information to be dynamic via a Content Management System (CMS).
Project Details:

Website Design for Anti-Ageing Clinic with CMS

Until May 2022, Nautilus Anti-Ageing Clinic had been operating without a website in place. When we met with Kylie, she gave us a rundown of what the project requirements were. These included a visually stunning website that suited the oceanside practice in Sapphire Beach NSW. There was also a requirement to be able to add and edit pricing and specific services, on a moments notice, by the client. A portal through to their existing booking platform was a requirement for easy management by the clinic.

The Initial Concept

The initial concept was created using a clean, contemporary fresh image style and was carried throughout the concept to keep the overall aesthetic inviting. As with all websites built by Outspoken Entourage, we first create a print based document which gives a visual representation to the way the website will be designed and formatted. Any changes are then quick to execute and upon client approval, we use this document as the blueprint for the layout and style of the website. The team loved the new concept with its simple grid system, giving a feeling of space and allowing each section to best tell its message without overwhelming the reader.

The Build

The build of the site is unique, in that a simple but flexible grid system allows efficient and cost effective changes throughout its life cycle. This style is often attempted but seldom achieved well in websites we have researched, which can often be spoilt with an abundance of copy and information. The muted tones are purposefully used to create a calmness and the real focal point of the site are some amazing images sharing a similar style throughout.

The footer menu features one of the largest scale text based menus we have created, with the items taking up at certain screen widths over 70% of the available width. Due to only having 4 main menu items (each with short descriptions) this was achieved well.

The top navigation bar features a web-standard hamburger style menu with an animated icon which when clicked, rotates the hamburger lines on its axis to create an X icon which then forms a close button allowing you to close the menu.

The buttons feature an interesting rollover dynamic with a custom animation which speeds up as the animation progresses almost like it is popping. These animations can be tricky to get right, but we are happy in that it does not react too quickly and destroy the calmness of the website.

The Services CMS Feature

Whilst Content Management Systems (CMS) have been around for some time, building them so that it remains simple can be a challenge. Whilst adding images at the correct image size (to keep the site fast and keep Google happy!) can be a challenge for a client to learn depending on their computer literacy, the text is very simple. Need to update information, pricing, duration of the service or something else? With this site a user-friendly backend has been built so that the client can easily and quickly edit the copy and publish without fear of breaking the site. For more confident users, this also means you can create new pages by filling in the required fields and publish without intervention by the designer. The system has been built using a template we predesign and then the content is populated into their respective fields from the client-entered information.

Summary of Website Build Project

The website has been delivered with stunning visuals and unique styling praised by several of Nautilus Anti-Ageing's clients. We look forward to continue to develop this site over time and look forward to working with Nautilus AAC for many years to come!

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