Organic Food Hub - Logo, Branding & Packaging System Project

Organic Food Hub - Logo, Branding & Packaging System Project
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Logo & Branding


Organic Food Hub

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Create a logo and complementary branding for Organic Food Hub a new web-based organisation delivering fresh food and groceries to various locations in NSW.
Project Details:

Logo & Branding for Organic Food Supplier in Coffs Harbour

Shane and Anthony recently commissioned a logo design and branding guidelines for their newly launched business - Organic Food Hub. Requirements were that it appealed to the market who put value into fresh produce that is certified organic and farmed sustainably. Due to complexities and costs of organic farming, the logo also needed to appeal to a medium to high income bracket that were prepared to pay that little bit more for organic food and produce. With the business set to launch in approximately one week's time from their first contact, we needed to drop everything not on a deadline and get started!

Early Logo Design Concepts

Early concepts of the logo were complicated in their design and didn't give the simplicity or appeal that the team were looking to portray in the business on a day-to-day basis. After this initial concept meeting, we started stripping away unnecessary elements, bounding boxes and simplified the typeface/font choices. The outer layers of the original concept were removed along with various shading and the circular element with the leaf remained. The circular element was then turned into an "O" from Organic during development of the logo. The team loved the design and after further fine-tuning of the text and creating landscape, portrait and square aspect ration versions, we had an approved logo!

Design of the associated Branding to complement Logo

We then set about producing a branding guidelines document. The document covered collateral such as signage, car and van graphics and wraps, flyers and promotional materials, carton design, magazine and print advertisements as well as the various colour breakdowns, fonts, exclusion zones and a collection of colours which could be used with branding to promote different products.

Label & Packaging Design

During the design of the logo and associated branding, we also developed a packaging and label system. Using a thick black stroke with a colour block and prominent left-justified text, the system is flexible in its use and can be seen on the examples of a tray of mince, jar of pesto (and the same theme used in the flyer and advertisement). This was inspired by a visit to a grocer in Amsterdam which Mark visited in 2011 where strong and bright colours were used as the hero of label design throughout the fridges, dairy sections and cartons. This flexible system is easy to replicate and continue the theme for any number of different product lines.

We look forward to seeing the Organic Food Hub implemented and it becoming an easily identifiable brand in the region.

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