People & Culture - NSW Health logo design

People & Culture - NSW Health logo design
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Logo & Branding


NSW Health

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Design a logo identity for a division of NSW Health. People & Culture is an internal department/division focusing on employee health and wellbeing.
Project Details:

Logo design for NSW Health (NSW Government) for internal division

NSW Health recently commissioned a logo for their People and Culture internal division which is an initiative to provide a model for employee wellbeing across a number of areas such as health and culture.

Project team of five stakeholders

The logo and brand project was run by a committee which was formed to provide direction and feedback for the project and to ensure that the brief met the guidelines.

After the initial design meeting with the project team, we put together 4-5 strong concepts for review.

After some time to workshop and deliberate for a few days, we met to discuss the way forward.

Feedback on the logo concepts presented

The team was happy with the typeface options created and overall style of a specific concept presented. Their feedback was to create a new icon which also incorporated the six principles that the division prioritises to improve employee wellbeing. With this feedback in-hand, we worked on several new concepts which represented the feedback.

We created a graphical representation of a group of people in a circle, each with their own separate principle in a unique colour, so this could be further expanded upon in future collateral through their internal graphic design team. We also created options to represent different cultural groups along with specific colours for use in specific applications such as NAIDOC week.

The resulting logo was presented along with the drilled down specific versions for each division and special occasion celebrations which involved an alternative colourway for each. You may notice that the "p" and "l" are linked showing the link/relationship between people and culture.

NSW Government logo design
Primary logo suite showing primary, icon and initials.

The team took a few days to discuss and workshop. After some further refinement, the logo concept was met with approval and we completed final art on the logomark and began to roll out the branding guidelines.

Creation of the branding guidelines

The branding guidelines document shows a wide range of collateral that the team can implement as needed for many uses such as signs, apparel, special occasions through to software and stationery applications. They all feature the striking logo and colours and in many instances show how collateral such as business cards, are able to use the design which is split up so that the full logo is revealed. An example of this is shown in the gallery specifically with the business cards which symbolise how a singular person when combined with other singular employees, create a team.

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