Robo Lawn - Logo, Brand & Identity Design Project

Robo Lawn - Logo, Brand & Identity Design Project
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Logo & Branding


Robo Lawn

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Design a logo and complementary branding for a new project for an existing busines to use in conjunction with the sales and service of robotic lawn mowers.
Project Details:

Robotic Lawn Mowers Logo Design Project - Coffs Harbour

Robo Lawn is a newly formed business from the team at Mowers 'n' More in Coffs Harbour which sells, services and provides full installation of robotic lawn mowers on the East Coast of Australia. The logo was to be green based in colour with easy to read text and have some influence or representation of the product within the logo's elements.

The Initial Logo Concepts

The first concepts designed provided a variety of different designs which incorporated antennas, wheels, the overall shape of the mowers and other related iconography. Many concepts used futuristic typefaces to tell the story that this was a product of the future, available now. One concept used a digital pixel style design which the final logo is based on. James and Anne loved this concept and we developed it further to incorporate a subtle power switch as one of the "O"s in the name. The concept also showed a path and arrow in relation to the path that a mower is programmed to take when mowing a lawn.

Formatting the Logo for different applications - Responsive Logo

The logo was finalised and we produced three versions of it for different applications. The full logo features the path line and is used where the logo displays on a large format (shown on the letterhead in this project). When the logo is displayed on a small format, we removed the path and added capitalised text beneath the word ROBO so that it remained legible. We then created a third version to be used sparingly where the word ROBO is stacked in a square format. Whilst this version wasn't a necessity for inclusion, during the logo development we designed it and felt that it had some merit and shouldn't be excluded from the final logo and branding delivery. You can see this format featured on the polo shirt design.

Displaying the Logo on Car Wraps, Stationery & Apparel with Branding

We mocked-up a number of different mediums where the branding would be applied to over the coming months. This included dual designs for a car sign wrap, business cards, digital letterhead and staff apparel. You will notice we have included some other branding elements such as the angled stripes which symbolise lawn stripes. This was included on the signs, business cards, letterhead and also one of the car wrap designs.

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