Robo Lawn Website Build – robotic lawn mowers

Robo Lawn Website Build – robotic lawn mowers
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Robo Lawn

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Robo Lawn required a website which included a high level of content including video, catalogues, information and a scaleable content system management.
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Robo Lawn is a newly formed business from the owners of Mowers ‘n’ More (lawn mowers and outdoor power equipment store based in Coffs Harbour) offering robotic lawn mowers for lawns of all sizes from a small residential backyard, right through to sporting fields and rural acreage properties.
The website needed to contain a large amount of information which included videos explaining the technology and benefits of the product, pdf catalogues, an e-commerce based mower selection system displaying each mower and the its attributes, a detailed enquiry form for each mower type, an extensive FAQs page with large amounts of information, a contact and enquiry page, and a highly technical “Find My Mower” page. 

Custom algorithm to select suitable mower model

The Find My Mower page integrates Google Maps and requires the user to enter information such as the slope type of the area to be mowed, the number of obstacles along with a map which allows the user to enter any address in the world and then use the mouse pointer to select the area to be mowed by drawing a perimeter directly onto the map.
After each of these fields is entered and a perimeter drawn, a custom algorithm references a document which then gives a recommendation on which type of mower would be suitable. This then allows the user to select each mower and conduct further research and submit to a Robo Lawn expert to assist with the enquiry.
This page was created by our software developer and required custom code written to be able to integrate with Google Maps and then reference the most suitable robot mower using the fields and selections entered by the user. 

Future Scalability with CMS

Whilst the website does not offer online payments and ordering, it is built using the same framework to allow future integration of a payment and shipping details component. It was decided by the client that due to the nature of robotic lawn mowers in terms of setup, installation and suitability, that a conversation was required by a customer and a Robo Lawn expert prior to their recommendations being finalised as to which model would be suitable. This ensures that the robotic lawn mower matches the customer’s needs and expectations prior to purchasing.
The information shown for each mower type is referenced from a content management system (CMS) custom built with each of the fields including model name, upgrades available, price, maximum slope, working time, features and lawn area. This has the ability to be updated by the client as model details change, new mowers added and other models are discontinued. This information can also be changed by us efficiently and quickly when required.
The website was designed to suit the aesthetic of the recently created logo and brand identity (also by Outspoken Entourage).

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