Schimminger DBL Architects - Website Project

Schimminger DBL Architects - Website Project
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Schimminger Architects

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To create a website appealing to clients who are looking to design and build a green eco-friendly home which uses sustainable materials.
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Website Design Project for Eco-Friendly Sustainable Building Architect

Reiner Schimminger, a well known local architect and builder is an award winning architect who has a decorated career and portfolio. Reiner commissioned a website for Schimminger Design - Build - Live with its prime role to attract and inform home owners wishing to build a sustainable, eco-friendly home.

Designing for a Designer

Creating a design for a designer may seem like a daunting undertaking for some graphic and website designers, however we have found that clients from other design disciplines are usually the most accepting of new ideas. They also accept the use of negative space on the project to allow each considered component to do its job in informing the user of the relevant information. Our first concept had a couple of small tweaks made to it and then we began the site build.

Creating an uncluttered User Experience (UX)

Beginning with the home page, we created a slideshow of some of Reiner's amazing past projects including the Yamba Shores Tavern and his award winning City of Hope Development. This then flowed through to an introduction to the purpose of the business with comment on creating a sustainable future through selective building practices. Short lead-ins which direct users through to various project case studies and Reiner's profile complete the home page. The colour palette is kept restrained to a mainly monochromatic theme, allowing each of the vibrant images to take centre stage.

The Profile page features an interesting rollover function on desktop for Reiner's images which are displayed in black and white and with mouse interaction, these turn to colour. The page also displays his career achievements and awards.

Project Showcase

Reiner's relevant eco builds are organised into a short projects page with expanded details and images on each.

Multi Function Contact Form

A contact form with checkboxes helps Schimminger DBL to understand potential clients needs when submitting, including the project budget, project type, timeframe and also to collect data on how the user heard about Schimminger DBL.

Pop-Out Hamburger Menu

A hamburger menu (which has become the standard in website design in the last few years) keeps all menu items neat and are displayed on a dark background. The background image features Reiner's City of Hope project's roof-mounted solar panels.


(Update April 2024 - Reiner has commenced his retirement and as such the website has been decommissioned. We wish Reiner all the best in his future endeavours)

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