Strategic Remedial Solutions - Logo & Branding Project - Construction

Strategic Remedial Solutions - Logo & Branding Project - Construction
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Logo & Branding


Strategic Remedial Solutions

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Create a logo and brand identity for Sydney based remedial construction company taking inspiration from previous logo to create contemporary style.
Project Details:

Logo and brand design evolution - established Sydney building company

Mason from Strategic Remedial Solutions (SRS) contacted us in late 2023 to commission an evolution of their logo and branding which had been in place for many years. The brief was two-pronged;

  • To create a new and contemporary styled logo that was responsive. A responsive logo may have several logos as part of the overall brand suite. It can take on many forms but ultimately as the logo is used in smaller applications (such as an icon on a mobile device) it is simplified. On larger applications the expanded version is used where any taglines or additional features are added back in where they can remain legible at the larger scale.
  • Part of the logo redesign and directive by SRS, was to also include a logo which could be used in the changeover period when being introduced. For example, when the new logo was to become public, we needed to have a version designed which used the full business name alongside the initials. After a changeover period, the full name would then be dropped off leaving only the simplified SRS initials logo in use. The full logo with business name would also have a secondary use, in that it would be used in formal documents as well as in "first touch point" situations, where the client may not know of SRS previously, so is shown the full logo.

The logo needed to have a strong aesthetic possibly using building materials or the building form in an abstract way. The client preferred block style or heavy style typefaces to remain bold when used at a small scale.

First logo design concepts

A number of initial concepts were designed from isometric 3D style lettering, to heavy abstract initials. One concept in particular was selected. It uses a grid system consisting of a 3 x 3 format consisting of squares and quarter circles. This was designed from scratch for SRS and is designed to look similar to building cladding (which is a significant part of SRS' core business).

The team loved this concept and now wanted to expand it to include a truss or girder, taking inspiration from the existing logo in use.

Please see image below of the grid system logo concept (shown bottom right), along with other styles presented.

  • Top Left - sheet metal folded into the characters
  • Top Centre - 3D Isometric
  • Top Right - 3D block/pole style
  • Bottom Left - characters expanded to flow into one another with centre of "R" using a tap/die shape
  • Bottom Centre - repeating lines similar to a current building trend using repeating linear lines
  • Bottom Right - the 3x3 grid system which went on to be the base of the final logo suite

Initial logo design concepts - builder Australia
Initial logo design concepts presented.

Expansion and refinement of the logo

When a client gives their feedback on an initial design concept, we then take that design and expand upon it to create several options which may also feature in the logo. Many of these iterations may not make it into the final version, but this is part of the process and ensures we have investigated all available options within that style.

In this case, we created a hook and sling similar to what may be seen on a crane rig. We also created several steel girders or truss frameworks, which could be used underneath the logo in the expanded version. Below are some revisions showing the different configurations that were designed as part of this process.

Logo design evolution for Sydney based construction company
Logo design evolution with various girder designs and crane hooks. The original client logo shown on the left.

The finished logo suite

The finished logo suite is shown below after taking the client's preferences for the different forms and expanding the design to suit their requirements. Please also see the surrounding collateral mockups used in the branding guidelines which represent the way the brand was intended to be used. The wordmark (shown second to right) will ultimately become the main logo for use by SRS. The combination version (shown on far right) will primarily be used in formal documents and tender submissions), with the vertical used in select collateral as a complementary branding asset.

Final logo design brand suite for Sydney builder
The final branding suite.
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