Telebaby Logo & Branding Design – Paediatrician Sydney

Telebaby Logo & Branding Design – Paediatrician Sydney
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Logo & Branding



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Samuel contacted us in the early stages of his new business to come up with name options for his new Paediatric Telehealth business based in Sydney
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Logo & Branding Project - but first, we need a name!

Samuel contacted us in mid 2022 to commission a logo and brand identity suite for his new Telehealth based Paediatric service. Refreshingly, he hadn't decided upon a suitable name. This was a breath of fresh air for us, as one of the biggest design constraints we come across with new businesses is how to incorporate an overly long business name into something which looks great in a logo, is easy to remember and sets the tone of the brand. Another example of how a short business name can look good in a logo is Hess. The original name for this business was Hess Property, but dropping the "property" tag enabled us to come up with an unforgettable name and amazing logo. (You can read about the Hess project here).

The OE team had an initial brainstorm session with Samuel. After throwing several names around, the OE team took the ideas, ran them through the business names register to make sure of not only name availability but also domain name (website name) availability. These were shortlisted, a few new ones were added to the list and these were submitted to Samuel for review. The name "Telebaby" was selected (a combination of Telehealth and Baby) and was promptly registered soon after.

The initial brief and initial logo design concepts

After creating a handful of different concepts, we presented 3 logos (along with variations of each concept) to Samuel for consideration. Samuel took these back for a day or two before we discussed the next steps. As is the case with many logos we create, we are often asked to combine more than one to move forward to the next stage. In this example, Samuel liked the idea of both the camera and the speech bubble but also liked the idea of combining a medical instrument into the design. This led us down a path of changing the typeface style so that the letter "y" could be made into a stethoscope on the end of the logotype.

Creating the stethoscope letter Y

Easy to discuss but not so easy to create was an abstract representation of a stethoscope on the end of the logotype. Around 8-10 concepts were constructed, deconstructed, refined and evolved to symbolise the main parts of a stethoscope. It required change of the typeface to have a font which used a lighter weight lending itself well to the stethoscope shape along with the earpieces at the top and the minimalist end. After approval from Dr Samuel on the shape, we then spent the better part of 2 hours simply getting the weight to match the font which warranted completing final art at 64000% (the maximum available with Adobe Illustrator - the design software used).

Colour options

A total of 13 different colour options were trialled after sign off from Dr Samuel on the logo's shape. Following the client's initial design brief to have a logo which did not appear too "cutesy" we kept the main colour themes gender neutral with investigation into greens, blues and pinks from the deeper end of the colour scale through to pastels.

Samuel settled on the initial blue and green we started with. The green representative of the medical cross and the navy blue and vintage white complementing it well with contrast.

Branding and positioning document

After sign-off on the final colour choice, we then created the full logo suite including a text only version and icon only version. These will allow a responsive logo which can adapt depending on its use from small digital screens through to desktop sizes, posters and even billboards. Dr samuel is set to launch the business soon with the website currently being designed. Stay tuned for the website project article.

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