The Community Transport Co. Volunteer Campaign Design

The Community Transport Co. Volunteer Campaign Design
Project Type:

Graphic Design


The Community Transport Co.

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Design bright, eye-catching content to promote internal and external messages for The Community Transport Company located throughout NSW.
Project Details:

Alluring, fun design to attract volunteers for Community Transport Co.

Long term client, The Community Transport Company, is known for pushing the boundaries with their identity design within the transport services industry. With their logo inspiration being akin to a artisan distillery/brewery, they certainly have a unique identity.

Volunteer recruitment campaign design

When it came to the design of their materials for a volunteer recruitment push, we felt we needed to connect with the community in a bright, fun, colourful and cheerful way, the idea being to promote the fun and happy culture within the long established transport provider who primarily provide transport solutions to those in the community that may be transport disadvantaged, or have difficulty accessing mainstream services such as public transport or cabs.

Having designed calendars and information flyers for the social outings that the company provide to the older generation, one stood out to us - dancing! This was the inspiration behind the imagery used in the campaign.

The Community Transport Company relies on a high number of volunteers to assist in driving clients to appointments, shopping or just to get out of the house! The organisation also puts on social events (mentioned above), and provide much needed excitement through their outings which can include visiting attractions such as botanic gardens, local clubs and dining venues, movies, board games, dance classes, local markets and events, shopping days - even yoga!

Putting it all together

Quite often as designers, we need to create "safe" collateral for our clients. The finance, insurance and health industries are perfect examples of how organisations use understated collateral to get their message out. The Community Transport Company, on the other hand do their best to break the mould and make an impact.

The dancing 'oldies' used in the collateral were celebrated by the team and we promptly rolled out a number of designs across social media campaigns, banners for use in events and exhibitions, newspaper advertisements and flyers. This quickly spread to their organic social media accounts and is now starting to filter through to other collateral used for a variety of purposes such as internal corporate values posters, certificates and more.

We love the bright, vibrant colours used in the images and be sure to keep a lookout for them into the future as we start to add the look throughout the website.

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