Unified Accounting Logo & Brand Identity Design

Unified Accounting Logo & Brand Identity Design
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Logo & Branding


Unified Accounting

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Unified Accounting, based in Port Macquarie, required a logo and subsequent branding to portray professionalism, stability and target a premium client.
Project Details:

Logo & Branding Project for Accounting Firm based in Port Macquarie

Damien from Unified Accounting commissioned this amazing looking logo in 2021 for his new practice based in Port Macquarie (approximately 400km from Sydney).

The logo needed to show unification which is symbolic to the way Damien and his clients work together through his accounting firm. We designed a handful of logo concepts for consideration however the simplification of the "U" and "A" of Unified Accounting into simplistic stripped down shapes really ticked all of the boxes, in terms of displaying a premium feel, assisted by the monochromatic elements and the unification of the letters into a single element bounded by a circle.

Font / Typeface Choice

The typeface used in the full logotext is a mid-century modern classic. This is the same typeface which is used as the base for the Louis Vuitton logotext (although with letters such as the S modified slightly to make unique/proprietary).

The Logo Design Presentation

We presented only one concept to Damien as we were confident we had nailed. He was extremely happy with the design, concept and made next to no changes. We then went back and created finished art which involved simplifying the components, ensuring the spacing of components was perfect, even when zooming in 64000% (the max our software allows).

Branding Guidelines Design

When creating the branding guidelines, we used an alternate serif font (serif is a font style which has small tails on the ends and varies in stroke width). We designed a super-sized UA in the serif typeface and then used it on the edges of different collateral design including business cards, stationery, presentation folders, posters and signs and wall banners.

Print Collateral - Business Cards

We printed the business cards and on the side with the grey watermark UA, we removed all colour and had a raised gloss varnish spot colour applied. This looks amazing as it is turned in the light and reflects the subtle branding element against the matt velvet-feel laminate also applied to the cards. We rolled out digital and printed letterheads, email signatures and a few other items to match. We used the guidelines to then create a series of digital banners used in advertising in the local market and some advertisements for a campaign in a local full colour magazine which is distributed locally.

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