October 14, 2019

Three tips to increase your website's SEO.

Three tips to increase your website's SEO.
Three tips to increase your website's SEO.
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SEO is the activity that attempts to improve your search engine rank.

Having a high ranking in search engines will increase the number of leads you receive to your business. Score!

Over 80% of website hits are derived from a search and over 50% of customers will click on the first 5 on page 1.

What can be done to improve your rank? Good question! There are over 200 ‘things’ Google use to rank your website. Google change the algorithm on a semi-weekly basis (sneaky!) and they don’t tell anyone what they change.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your google rank or further strength it against competitors who may be trying to get their website listing higher than yours.

  1. Social Media Share Button

You may notice a small social media button on websites and others. Part of the Google algorithm now looks for a social share button on your site. This can be set up to a specific page (such as your services page) or to the home page. This feature will raise your SEO score by a few percent.

  1. Google Maps & Google Reviews

It is believed that at some point in 2019, Google will start to take your Google reviews into consideration as part of determining search engine rank. Ensure that your business is listed with Google Business and that it has been submitted to Google Maps.

Ask happy clients to submit a review for you as part of the sales and invoice process. You can add a graphic to the base of your emails requesting a Google review complete with a click through link.

  1. Twitter Account

Having your Twitter account set up in your website’s code will tick another box for search engine ranking and will raise your score by a couple of percent.

Even if you do not physically use a Twitter account for your business, it pays to set one up and then have the code integrated into your site. Google does not investigate if you have content on your Twitter account, only that you have one set up.

It is worthwhile investing in regular SEO updates to your website, to ensure your Google rank doesn’t fall.

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