June 7, 2021

Why you should be wary of free graphic design.

Why you should be wary of free graphic design.
Why you should be wary of free graphic design.
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We’re sure you’re thinking ‘yeah right! Everything free is A-OKAY in my book OE…’ and that’s cool but bear with us. Maybe we might just change your mind?!

When you start a new business or look to rebrand your business, you need to place a LOT of emphasis on your brand. The value an amazing logo and associated branding can bring to a business is immense and should not be underestimated.

So, you go out and you get your shiny new logo and branding and then, the FREE DESIGN hits you from every angle.

Need a car wrap? No wukkus, we’ll throw in the design free. ‘Yes’, you think as you do a mental fist pump! ‘Gimme more free stuff please.’

So, you also get your signage done and yeah, cool as man, we’ll do the design of it free. Now you’re on a roll! Thinking about all this money you’re saving; you move on to your advertising.

And low and behold, free design when you purchase space in XYZ publication. You can’t believe your good luck! You’re now walking with a swagger of someone who has hit the motherlode.

And it happens again and again, with apparel, promotional items and more.

What happens after is where it gets a bit icky, so strap yourself in, we’re going on a wild ride…

You notice that your car wrap design looks different from your ad in the publication and your logo printed on your new promotional pens looks different in colour to the logo on your signage. When you put everything together, nothing looks the same! Each designer has put their own spin on your brand and suddenly…….

Your brand becomes INCONSISTENT.

And with brand inconsistency comes

  • Brand confusion
  • A sub-par customer experience
  • Miscommunication and more

Strong and consistent brands outperformed inconsistent brands by 20%.

Even if you supply your branding guidelines to another designer, you can still end up with inconsistent branding. (see blog on what branding guidelines are here).

This is why we always encourage you to keep using the same designer who created your logo and branding guidelines to produce all your marketing collateral. Yes, it will cost you money (soz) BUT the impact a consistent brand can have on your business is priceless (and the impact of an inconsistent brand….. eeeeek!)

Branding guides the way for future sales. If you’re looking for a designer who really knows how to create strong logos and brands (and is shortlisted in the Design Institute Australia’s Designers Australia 2021 Awards), then head on over to our LOGO page to find out more!

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