August 28, 2023

Logo Design Award Winner - published alongside the world's best!

Logo Design Award Winner - published alongside the world's best!
Logo Design Award Winner - published alongside the world's best!
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Logo Design selected for inclusion in LogoLounge 14 Book!

Outspoken Entourage recently entered a small selection of logos which we had designed for a few of our clients into a competition which selects the top logos across the design industry as judged by an expert panel. LogoLounge describes how they select the design firms and their work featured in their books “The projects in the book are selected for their quality, timelessness, relevance and inspirational nature. We aim to form an effective mix of large and smaller firms, geographies, budgets, and client types.”
We were lucky to secure a position in the book “LogoLounge 14” which is a printed hardcover book, published approximately every 18 months. Over 30,000 logos were submitted in the competition from some of the most highly accomplished and noteworthy designers across the globe.
LogoLounge also publishes trend reports on a yearly basis that discuss the trends and ideas shaping the space and creates case studies of prominent organisations who have undertaken a rebrand such as Twitter (now branded "X"), Saks Fifth Avenue, Air India and the Jaguar Land Rover group.

The winning logo for Melbourne client – The Crux

The client for whom we created the logo for was The Crux, a forward-thinking bouldering gym (a bit like indoor rock climbing without ropes) based in the suburb of Coburg North (a suburb of Melbourne). You can read about the logo project here, which features an in-depth feature on how the logo was created and detailed information about the process. The project article also shows examples of the logo used in branding along with the overall logo suite.

International award winning logo
The winning logo for client: The Crux

The logo features a silhouette of a goat jumping (symbolising one of nature’s best climbers) with incorporated lettering customised to fit and flow within the silhouette. It has an element of quirkiness and the team at The Crux have upheld a very high standard in maintaining their branding across all their channels.
The Crux’s logo has a couple of very important elements that can help a logo designer get the best out a project. The first is an open-minded client who are willing to trust the logo design process and try new things. The second is using a memorable name for the business. A memorable name doesn’t necessarily have to mean a short name (although it helps!), but often the shorter and catchier the name, the greater the potential for a great outcome.
Stay tuned as we will soon be publishing an article on our website on “How to select a name for your new business”.

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