May 29, 2023

Why AI doesn’t work for content writing. A sceptics view on AI.

Why AI doesn’t work for content writing. A sceptics view on AI.
Why AI doesn’t work for content writing. A sceptics view on AI.
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How I put AI to the test and lost.

I have been a sceptic on the ability of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to write content for things like articles, blogs and meaningful content. The thing that makes an article interesting to read (for me), is the human element - be it the author’s personal experience, story or experience. It is how this personal element is written into the copy that gives it credibility and not just a regurgitation of a bunch of words on a page to make the predetermined word count.

So today I thought, let’s put A.I. to the test. Let’s make it write an article about itself as to why it can’t do the job of a human!

My entered input data


"why artificial intelligence isn't going to be able to write anything of value and how the content is generic in nature"

Tone of voice

friendly, creative

Intended Audience

business owners

Here is the result from the AI - START OF AI CONTENT

The Limitations of Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation

With the rapid advancements in technology, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is inevitable. AI has become a powerful tool in almost every industry including content creation, where it is being used to generate articles and blogs. However, the idea of AI writing entire pieces of content may seem fascinating, but it is not without its limitations. In this post, we explore why AI isn't going to be able to write anything of value and how the content is generic in nature.

  1. Limited Creativity and Empathy: AI lacks the ability to think creatively and understand emotions, making it difficult to generate content that connects with people. The lack of empathy in AI writing is a significant handicap since it is essential to building a connection with the reader. AI can regurgitate pre-existing content and facts, but it is not capable of understanding the reader's emotions and experiences, which is necessary for creating valuable content.
  2. Inability to Write for a Specific Audience: AI is programmed to write in a generic tone that fails to grasp the nuances of specific audiences. It lacks the understanding of cultural context, humour, and colloquial phrases. AI-generated content, therefore, is often robotic and unrelatable to the reader. The inability to create content that resonates with the reader can significantly impact the company's messaging and brand positioning.
  3. Limited Research Capabilities: Another reason why AI-generated content is generic is the substantial information gaps in its knowledge base, despite its vast database. It can only draw on the data that is available, and therefore its research capabilities are limited. It is prone to errors and can create content that is outdated or inaccurate, which can negatively impact the business's credibility.
  4. Lack of Originality: AI can copy and paste information from various sources, but it is not capable of creating something unique. It lacks the ability to think outside the box and present content that hasn't been covered in-depth before. AI-generated content can, therefore, be repetitive and unoriginal, which can negatively impact the business's reputation.
  5. Human Touch cannot be replaced: Despite AI's power and potential, it cannot replicate the human touch that is required in content creation. The essence of content creation is storytelling, and AI cannot tell stories as effectively as humans. The use of AI in content creation cannot replace the human experience, which is essential to creating content that resonates.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence is an invaluable tool, but it is not capable of creating content of value. The above reasons show that while AI has the potential to create generic and repetitive content, it cannot replicate the human touch required to create content that resonates with people. Therefore, the human experience is essential to designing valuable content that connects with readers. AI can be used as an aid in content creation, but it cannot replace human creativity, empathy, and originality, which are essential to creating content that engages and inspires.


So there you have it. To say I was impressed was an understatement. This sceptic has been converted. So here is how I see it working in application from my position.

Creating Website Copy with AI

Having been in the creative industry for over 24 years, a familiar theme has been recurring. I have built 100s of websites, and whilst the build process takes many hours to complete (from initial design concepts through to developing/building the website), one thing which has always remained prevalent is that in most cases when we have built a website the client then takes weeks, months (and in one case nearly 2 years!) to write their website copy and send it to us so we can input and ready for launch.

This is where A.I. can help. Let’s take the example of a services-based business such as a commercial cleaner, or tradesperson. The type of information required for a website such as this, is going to be generic in nature explaining the different types of services being offered along with mention of the relevant accreditation/s.

AI would be perfect for a business owner who is struggling with putting together the content to populate their website. Use the AI to create it for you, edit and check and then launch!

Conclusion – where AI could be used effectively

Whilst I am 100% not a convert for using AI to write articles that are generic and lack the human element to voice their point, using AI for collateral such as website copy or other materials where the purpose of the collateral is to inform (but not necessarily require the human element) seems like a no-brainer.

In the case of articles, if your audience is willing to give your article their attention, the right thing is to provide a well thought out piece which gives uses your personal knowledge, experience/s and impression. Leave the AI for the other stuff. Let’s not flood the internet with any more generic, mindless copy than what is already out there.


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