June 10, 2020

Does Outspoken Entourage outsource clients’ work?

Does Outspoken Entourage outsource clients’ work?
Does Outspoken Entourage outsource clients’ work?
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In one word – no! One of the core principles of Outspoken Entourage is that we don’t send any work offshore or contract graphic design work out. We keep everything in house! If a project can’t be completed from start to finish and delivered to you, chances are we will either;

  • Not take the project on and refer you to someone who can deliver the project to an impeccable standard, or;
  • Offer potential work-arounds that may get you the same net result albeit in a slightly different method

We believe in using the most talented people to collaborate with and let’s face it, there’s a lot of talented peeps in Coffs! In the case of photographers, we even drill this down further - product shots we will use a photographer that specialises in this genre. If you are needing a headshot, we will use a photographer that excels in headshots. In a nutshell, we want your business to look amazeballs, so we will only refer you to those that can achieve that ;-)

When it comes to graphic design, we don’t use freelancers.

We like to employ local talent that we can rely on for (hopefully) many years to come. This means when you have a project worked on by us, the same designers will be here to deliver the same consistency that businesses crave on an ongoing basis. It also means that we don’t suffer the problems of having a project created on a platform that some designers use but others do not.

So there you have it! Here at Outspoken Entourage, we keep everything in house to ensure your business gets the attention it deserves.

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