January 15, 2022

Dynamic Website Content. What can I do with it? Part 2

Dynamic Website Content. What can I do with it? Part 2
Dynamic Website Content. What can I do with it? Part 2
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Welcome to Part 2 of our Series on Dynamic Website Content.

If you haven't read part 1, you can do so by clicking HERE.

How can I use Dynamic Content on my Website?

Using Dynamic Content is almost limitless. Some things which could be incorporated into your own website as dynamic content could include;

  • Vehicle Listings - including description, kms, price, contact number, engine number etc
  • Real Estate Listings - this could also be broken down into sold, active or under offer. You could setup the system to use data which you enter into the backend or through an API link to pull data from an external source such as ReNet
  • Articles or Blog pages (such as this one!)
  • Projects
  • Directory Listings which use their own page or simply an entry on a page
  • Events - including dates, prices, booking links, images etc
  • Team Member Profiles
  • Service Types
  • Products
  • Testimonials
  • Image Galleries
  • News
  • Trends - eg building, fashion, interiors, architecture
  • Media Page
  • Resources or Links
  • Tips

In summary, if you require multiple pages created in the same layout, which you would like to update, add to or remove regularly yourself- choosing to have them built using dynamic content is a choice that will pay for itself over and over again, especially with Google favouring websites which regularly add new content to their site.

Can we update Dynamic Content for clients on their behalf?

Yes! The cost for us to add content to your site via this system is far more cost effective than building each page statically. We could upload 5-6 articles (which in turn create new pages) in approximately an hour compared with adding them as static pages (more than likely 5+ hours). This allows you to focus on your day to day running of your business.

Can my current website have Dynamic Content pages configured and added?

This depends. For all new websites we build, the answer is yes. For all sites built by OE from January 2021 - yes. For all sites built prior to 2021 we would need to review on a case by case basis.

With the constant changes in digital technology andGoogle's own algorithm and web design guidelines changing on an almost monthly basis, we changed the platform we create our websites on as of January 2021. For this reason, whilst we may be perfectly able to add dynamic content to your older site, the cost to do so could be more than rebuilding the website again or the speed at which the older technology operates, simply too slow for any real search engine ranking improvements to be made.

If you'd like to discuss adding dynamic content pages to your current website, shoot us an email or click here to give us a call!

Or read on to Part 3 of our blog!

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