March 23, 2020

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads - What's the dif?

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads - What's the dif?
Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads - What's the dif?
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Who would win in this match of Google Ads and Facebook Ads? Going head to head in the ring, any guesses as to who would come out as victor?

Really, it’s down to who you ask, however BOTH have their merits. “Aren’t they the same?”, I hear you ask? Ah, no. Not even close, other than you have to allocate a budget towards them.

Here’s the breakdown of each and when you’d use them.

Google Ads

  • People are in the market to buy. They are actively searching for information about a product or service to make a purchase.
  • You only pay when someone clicks. You allocate a daily budget, however you may or may not hit that budget depending on how many people click. You absolutely ONLY pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Excellent for driving conversions. In the buyer journey, you have Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Conversion and Retention stages and Google Ads are great at getting people to convert.
  • You can create very targeted ads. Using keywords to drive clicks to your website, you create ads that entice your audience to click through.

Facebook Ads

  • You can target your specific audience. This is the great thing about Facebook Ads – you can actually choose WHO you want your ad to be delivered to. If your target market is primarily women aged 30 – 60 who live in a certain area, whose hobbies include fitness, then you can plug that information into Facebook and target ONLY those that fall into the above categories.
  • You pay a set daily or lifetime amount. Be mindful that this is not a pay per click like Google Ads, it’s a budget that you set for the day or for the life of the campaign, and Facebook will use that budget to deliver your ad to your target audience as much as possible. Putting $10 per day towards a Facebook campaign, you will get charged $10 per day.
  • Great for driving brand awareness. Facebook Ads are about targeting your audience and making then aware of your business, products or services. Primarily, you’d use Facebook Ads in the awareness and interest stages, but that’s not to say they can’t be used successfully in the other stages of the buyer’s journey (because they can!)

Google Ads – in the market to buy. Facebook Ads – brand awareness.

If the above is all too much, or you’d rather hand over your digital marketing to someone else, then talk to us today about how we can help! Head to our Digital Marketing page to find out more and book your free online appointment!

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