September 15, 2019

Instagram Stories - what they are and WHY you need to use them.

Instagram Stories - what they are and WHY you need to use them.
Instagram Stories - what they are and WHY you need to use them.
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Ah, the good old world of social media marketing. You’ve got your brand voice sorted, you’re pumping out excellent social media content, and have your social media management under control.

BUT if you’re not using Instagram and Facebook Stories for your business, you are missing out on a HUGE audience!

Whether you ‘do’ social media yourself or outsource it, one thing remains clear –

Stories is where it’s at to gain a new audience of engaged followers.

In the world of social, your POSTS are all about your business, what you do, the products or services you offer and your team. These need to be consistent, on-brand and look great.

Your STORIES (you know, those things that disappear after 24 hours?!) are where your followers look to see the authenticity behind the business.

Since your Story vanishes in 24 hours, there’s little reason going overboard on having them designed or videos edited to a super high standard. These photos and videos are meant to be raw, real and relevant to the moment. The reason businesses use this type of content is because it humanises your business and gives transparency, which allows your target audience to connect with you on a deeper level.

Not only that, it maintains visibility of your social profile in your follower’s feeds. As you know Facebook and Instagram LOVE to change their algorithms often (insert eye roll here) which can make social media marketing that little bit harder.

So, while regular posts have to compete for a viewing, the Stories of users you follow appear at the very top of your feed, with a colourful ring to indicate that a new Story has been published.

This means you can stay top of feed (and mind!) of your followers.

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