December 19, 2022

Packaging design that sells your product – Part 1

Packaging design that sells your product – Part 1
Packaging design that sells your product – Part 1
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Label and Packaging design that makes your product a success

We’ve been commissioned to do a lot of label and packaging design recently.
Have you ever picked up a product because the packaging looked amazing? Did you pick one product over another purely based on how they look? This is the power of having your packaging designed by a talented graphic designer. Taking nothing else into account (eg. marketing), the consumer will be attracted to the great looking product.
For the manufacturer, this means more retail sales, bigger orders from retailers (because retailers know that great packaging sells product), greater brand recognition and in general more opportunities and success.

So how do I get amazing packaging design?

This is an expansive question! However here are a few considerations (and we will cover additional schools of thought in subsequent articles);

  • Use an experienced graphic designer / design studio.
  • Ensure that the designer or studio take the time to speak to you about your product and its target audience. This ensures that they understand the product inside and out and understand what makes it different from competitor products.
  • Ensure the designer understands the price point you are wishing to position your product. Eg. a high-end product needs to look high-end. A budget product at a lower price should not look high-end. If it does, it may mean that the product isn’t even picked up from the shelf as the perception is that it is too expensive!
  • Hire your designer based on their past work/portfolio. If you don’t like or think that the designer/s past work suits your product, it probably isn’t a good fit. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they should have worked on the exact type of packaging you require, just that the style you wish to have designed, is a style they are familiar with or can execute.
  • Trust your designer – a good designer wants to create packaging that will sell your product. This way, as you grow, they grow! Trust their expertise and knowledge of the market, knowing what will sell your product using their design experience.
  • Respect the designer’s / studio’s fee. Packaging can make or break your new product. You can have the best product in the world, but if no one buys it, then it’s not the best product in the word. Retailers won’t make future orders; people won’t gush about it to their friends, and you won’t get reviews to help you sell more. The design fee considers the designer’s/studio’s experience, the amount of time they believe the project will take them to complete it and their past performance on making products just like yours, a success. If the price seems too high/low compared to other quotes, ask questions to determine what the studio has included in their proposal. Some may have budgeted extensive time for research, a single design concept (or several concepts), the list goes on.

Overall, you need to work with a designer/studio/agency that will be here for the long haul. If the product becomes a success, you will want to engage them again and again.

If you’d like to know more about our packaging design, visit our packaging design information page here or give us a call on 1300 494 990!

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