December 1, 2022

The difference between a boosted post and a facebook ad?

The difference between a boosted post and a facebook ad?
The difference between a boosted post and a facebook ad?
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One of the things a lot of our clients say when we suggest a Facebook Ad, is that they’ve tried it before, and it didn’t work. And that’s fair enough! BUT, when we dig a little deeper, they haven’t done a proper Facebook Ad but have just boosted a post.

And yep, boosted posts really don’t get great results (unless you’ve had a post that went viral, then boost the hell out of it as that WILL do well!).

So, what’s the difference between boosting and doing a proper FB Ad?

  1. Boosted posts can be done through your normal Facebook page whereas Facebook Ads are created through Ads Manager.
  1. Facebook Ads allow you to select different ad placement options, such as having the ad show on Instagram, in Facebook Messenger, Instant Ads, News Feed side ads and more, whereas you don’t have the same ability with boosted posts, which only allow selecting Instagram, Facebook mobile and Desktop News feed.
  1. Boosted posts only allow a couple of objective options and is optimised for page likes, comments and shares. When you pay for an ad, you need to know what your objective is, so that you can select the right option. Paid campaigns allow many different types of objective options such as conversions, traffic, brand awareness, page engagement, lead generation and reach (along with several others).
  1. Facebook Ads allows you to drill down even more with your target audience. While boosting an ad allows you to pick a location, age range and gender, Facebook Ads goes deeper into interests, job titles and create custom audiences based on your website and social media traffic.

If you’ve tried boosting posts from your social accounts with no luck, then it’s definitely time you tried Facebook Ads. You’ll absolutely see a difference in results.

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