March 23, 2022

Wanna impress your graphic designer? Some tips!

Wanna impress your graphic designer? Some tips!
Wanna impress your graphic designer? Some tips!
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Wanna impress your graphic designer? Some tips!

Okay, we’re sure this is not something ANYONE ever thinks about 😆 But, if you do want to seriously impress your graphic designer when next putting a job through, read on and get yourself ready for a gold star.

Don’t send images that you don’t really like or want to see in the final design.

This is a big one! If you had some professional shots taken, you may receive 300 + images from the photographer after the shoot. Whatever you do, don’t send us ALL the images – pretty please with a cherry on top!

This is a nightmare for a designer as they will need to physically review each one prior to selection.

Please ask your photographer to supply only the best of the best to YOU and then you can review and send the images YOU want to see on the design (or on your website). It's better to have 5 amazing images to choose from than 150 images which all look very similar taken in quick succession of each other.

Now, a touchy subject but we’re all guilty of it! Hands up who says things like "my leg looks big in that photo" or "that's the wrong side of my face" (cough, cough *Nic*). If you don’t like an image, please don't send it.

If you do, we can often guarantee the one we select for use will be the one you hate the look of. This means we go back and forth changing the image with others you may not like which uses up billable design time and delays the job due to waiting for feedback after each revision and then rescheduling in the changes to be made.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting photos of yourself to look sharp, so ensure you review your images and only send the ones where you look amazing!

Proof everything we send you for review. Yes, everything!

If you aren't sure of something, mention it to the designer. The goal of a proof is to find and then correct errors. Check the contents page details matches the page numbers (especially if changes have been made). Check the page number in a book is on the correct side depending if it’s on the right, or left-hand side of a spread. Check your grammar, spelling, line breaks and that each sentence at the end of a text block contains all the copy.

So often we send a proof, get the changes made and then a further 10 small changes are found. Going back and forth takes time for us to do the change, get it back to you, you to review it, send it back and then we schedule in the change.

If we do this a number of times as things were missed on the first go, it does add to the turnaround time. We always make a big effort to get things back to you correct the first time, but if the job has been rushed through to meet a tight deadline, things can get missed. After a proof is approved, the onus/cost is on the client if the job needs to be reprinted.

One last (super embarrassing for us) point - thoroughly check the headings and large stylistic text!

We are responsible for two jobs in the past couple of years that we have designed for ourselves, where a very stylised heading was overlooked during proofing, only to have the job come back and need reprinting! FAIL!
So, there you have it! Doesn’t take much to impress a graphic designer these days – just follow the above and you’ll be golden! Need help with some graphic design work? Check out our graphic design page!

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