November 20, 2020

Where the name Outspoken Entourage came from.

Where the name Outspoken Entourage came from.
Where the name Outspoken Entourage came from.
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We know you’ve been wondering about our business name and yep, it’s definitely a weird name for a graphic design studio… or any business for that matter! So why did we call ourselves Outspoken Entourage??

Well, take a seat because this could take a while….. kidding!

How the Outspoken Entourage business came about.

Many, many moons ago, Nicola began a business based in Coffs Harbour. Her business revolved around providing services to keynote and corporate speaker clients.

Originally calling the business Outspoken Consulting, it was only when she started writing the copy for the website (which Mark built – of course!) that the name was born. As she finished writing the About Us section, she signed it off as ‘The Outspoken Entourage’. She stopped. She cocked her head to the side. She took in a sharp breath of excitement and exclaimed (to nobody in particular), ‘that’s it! That’s the name of my business.’ Keynote speakers being ‘outspoken’ and Nicola being part of their ‘entourage’.

And off she went, getting Mark to recreate the logo (he was SUPER happy about that…) and update the website.

From there, Mark came on board offering graphic design and website design services to the current clients and Nicola expanded her offering, including social media and marketing services.

Fast forward to today and we’re still doing the same thing, just with more offerings and a bigger office with an awesome team!

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