September 3, 2020

Why chatbots are a must for your website.

Why chatbots are a must for your website.
Why chatbots are a must for your website.
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We’re sure some of you are thinking ‘pffft, whatever! Those chatbots are hella annoying!’ and while we’d agree with you on some level, for those that have serious intent to buy, then they are a fantastic lead generation tool.

Consumer behaviour and the need for businesses to adapt

We all know consumer behaviour has changed, and as business owners, we MUST change our marketing strategies to meet the consumer.

Consumers require immediate action these days, as they are usually reacting to a stimulus. They have much higher expectations and expect a smooth and relevant experience. And, people are more loyal to their NEEDS as opposed to a particular business or brand. Yep, even your most loyal customers can go elsewhere if you’re not around to assist them with their problem.

In essence, you need to be able to connect with your customer/client when they need you. Be helpful, quick and, most importantly, be there, wherever that may be, such as a chatbot!

Let us explain by giving you an example, using ourselves as the tester (naturally!)

We installed a chatbot on our website. Yes, you know the one, with Nicola’s annoying head popping up to ask if you have any questions?! Well, just last month we received 8 legitimate, online chats from potential clients. Of those 8, 6 booked in for a meeting. Proposals have been sent out and now we see which ones convert (and sorry, but the chatbot can’t close a sale for you – that’s all on you!)

And while 8 may not seem like a lot, it’s 8 potential customers that may NOT have made contact with us if the chatbot wasn’t there.

If you need help setting up a chatbot, then get in touch! 1300 494 990.

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