February 22, 2020

Why one page websites won't rank - we tell you why.

Why one page websites won't rank - we tell you why.
Why one page websites won't rank - we tell you why.
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When you start a business, there’s always that temptation to get a landing page for your business, or a single page website.

While this is cost effective, and gives you an online presence,

can a one-page website be hurting your Google rank? Sadly, yes it can.

Below are 3 drawbacks on having a one-page website.

  1. Keywords. Yup. When you only have ONE page to work with, your keyword rankings are going to suffer. Each page on a website is designed to be around one main concept, so if you only have one page, it limits the ability to rank for a wide variety of keywords. When you have a multi-page site, each page on the website is a chance to rank specific to that page’s theme. For example, if you sell 3 different products, and have three different web pages, each one specific to ONE product, then you can ensure your keywords are set on that page for that product only, which equals higher ranking for those keywords.
  2. The content. It’s a bummer but with one-page sites, you can’t devote as much information to each topic that you want to cover…. not unless you want your website visitor to be scrolling for days….which can result in a higher bounce-rate. Multi-page sites afford you the luxury of being able to write more relevant content on specific topics in far more detail.
  3. SEO Strategies. When you have a one-page site, you can’t take advantage of advanced SEO strategies such as ‘siloing’. What on earth is that I hear you say? Basically, it’s a way to organise your website into categories and subcategories so that your content is displayed in the best way possible. It ensures the majority of questions asked by the website visitors, which keeps them on your site for longer, and therefore optimises your SEO ranking on a variety of different keywords and topics.

Whether you’re considering a one-page or multi-page site, it’s important to consider the goals of your business and what your website is there to accomplish.

If you’re in need of a new website that will rank highly on Google, why not book a FREE meeting with us to discuss your requirements?

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