July 13, 2020

Why your website is the centre of digital marketing.

Why your website is the centre of digital marketing.
Why your website is the centre of digital marketing.
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Fact: 75% of internet users search for products or services online.

And if your customers are online, then your marketing initiatives should be online too. And the centre of those marketing efforts is your humble website.

With the rise of digital marketing, you need to be across things like blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, paid social campaigns, SEO, PPC and more – phew!

That’s quite a list! And all of your digital marketing efforts should include a call to action. And each call to action SHOULD drive the audience to your website.

So, given the above, your website is PRETTY important… how’s it stacking up? If you’re driving people from various digital channels to your website, you want your website to tick many boxes. These include:

  • Excellent SEO (search engine optimisation) – being found on Google on the first page as an organic listing.
  • Excellent user experience – no keyword stuffing here, just using language to entice, engage and entertain your user, so they understand who you are, what you do and why they should buy from you.
  • Excellent optimisation – this is where you want to make it easy for people to take action on your website. Have CTA’s that stand out. Drive people to do SOMETHING – whether that’s downloading a document, playing a video or filling out a form. These actions can be tracked and have value to your business.
Ultimately, if you are engaging in digital marketing, but don’t have a website, or a website that is poorly designed, has average SEO or an unpleasant user experience, then your digital marketing efforts will be sub-par.

Worried? If you feel your website needs an overhaul, then contact us today to discuss!

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