March 29, 2022

Winner of two International Design Awards for packaging in 2022

Winner of two International Design Awards for packaging in 2022
Winner of two International Design Awards for packaging in 2022
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Our packaging design wins two design awards at World Drinks Awards

Two separate labels designed by Outspoken Entourage were announced individual winners of the Bronze Design Award at the 2022 World Drinks Awards! The 2022 World Drinks Awards program acknowledges the best design (and taste!) in the alcohol industry and is based in the United Kingdom.

The Gin Label Design

Created by Mark (a Design Institute of Australia, Accredited Designer) the label design for a client's Gin product received a Bronze Design Award. The label features a vivid colour palette of pinks, purples and pomegranate inspired tones. The swirling, swaying, in-motion background was created to symbolise the shapes and textures of seaweed or seagrass beds where the Weedy Sea Dragon (featured on the label) lives in this type of underwater environment. The use of colours in a gradual transition from light to dark is striking and was brought to life by a specialist label printer in our network of high quality suppliers.

The Vodka Label Design

The label complements another product in the distillery's product line which also won a Bronze Design Award for its second consecutive year (2021 & 2022). It features another ocean environment-inspired background, with striking use of blues, greens and aqua to highlight an Angler Fish (which was also used in the logo and branding designed by Outspoken Entourage a few years earlier) subtly placed on the centre of the label design in white to provide maximum contrast. The level of detail can be seen throughout the design and is mesmerising once you look within at the the hidden objects and creatures.

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Recipients of Bronze Design Awards at the 2022 International World Drinks Awards
The Design Process

Both labels look amazing together in display and feature a die cut custom shape label tapering down towards the bottom of the bottle which was developed by Mark after many attempts at trialling cut paper templates to achieve the overall shape. Once the label's shape was found, it was then carefully measured and reproduced in illustration software on a 1:1 scale.

This process was used as a base for which the highly detailed graphic design work was created upon.

Successful Packaging Design

The design of the labels has been well received by the distillery since launching and have now hauled a total of three international design awards. We strongly believe in the power of creative and unique packaging. Packaging which captures a customer's attention and makes them pick up the product, has a strong and direct influence on whether the customer decides to purchase the product or look for something else. Exciting packaging design also has the benefit of positioning the product in the marketplace and strengthens the perception of the product's value. Premium products which are priced accordingly, need this in order to influence the customer to make the purchase and put their trust in it.

Do you need a label or packaging that gets results? Then follow the link HERE and read more about packaging design.

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