The Community Transport Company - Rebrand

The Community Transport Company - Rebrand
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Logo & Branding


The Community Transport Company

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Create a new logo and brand identity for ThCommunity Transport Co. To be different from the current logo including a change of colour, style and age group.
Project Details:

We met with Kate and Beth from The Community Transport Company to discuss a new logo and brand identity for this highly visible Not For Profit organisation providing transport to the elderly and the transport disadvantaged. With a range of new services on the horizon, the brand needed to appeal to the younger demographic but not ignore their core customer.

The Logo & Branding Design Brief for Community Transport Co.

The first brief was quite open and loose in that a contemporary logo was required which would appeal to a very broad spectrum of clients. We set about creating some concepts. After several internal meetings, we culled these down to 3 different variants to present to the client. The meeting went well and the clients seemed to be very happy with the progress made to date. They retained the copies for further review.

The result of the first concepts and a twist!

We received a call from the team a couple of weeks later and they wished to discuss the next stage of the rebrand. In the meeting, we were presented with lettering which had been designed by a lettering specialist. It looked nothing like the previous concepts and in fact couldn't have been more opposite!

The client informed us that they had decided to change the brief as, whilst they liked the initial concepts we had come up with, they had decided that they really needed to choose an exact style to move towards that was incredibly unique. This new style was to be similar in theme to an artisan distillery!

We rolled with the punches and thought the new custom lettering was unique, simple and appealed to not only the younger generation, but also had that vintage railway look.

We went back to the drawing board with the unique lettering and created several elements to "house" the lettering within and create a true logomark. The one which got the nod of approval was one which somewhat resembles a bottle top but had some thought put into it to incorporate some dots, symbolic and giving recognition to the traditional indigenous owners of Australia. The arrows placed around the edge of the circle element all point in different directions, symbolic of diversity and the giving nature of the NFP organisation ($14 is given back to the community for every dollar that comes in).

Approval and on with the branding guidelines

After some adjustments we received final approval of the logo, so we started finished art and the comprehensive branding guidelines showing conceptual vehicle graphics, signs, stationery (business cards, letterheads etc) and apparel for the many volunteers that make this NFP's wheels turn.

Household recognition

The Community Transport Company gained swift recognition with graphics being applied to their fleet. Whilst there was some conversation from some of the long-time customers, the brand has settled into the landscape and community well.

Website Rebuild

The website then underwent a complete ground-up rebuild and you can view the website project by clicking here.

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