Community Transport Company Website Build - New Branding

Community Transport Company Website Build - New Branding
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The Community Transport Company

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To create an easy to read, accessible site complementing the new branding completed early in 2021.
Project Details:

Accessible website with large easy to read information.

The Community Transport Company recently underwent a radical rebrand. In light of this, it was time to renew their website with a ground up rebuild with the intent to provide easy to access and read information, with clear and concise access to contact details for bookings (you can read all about the creation of the new branding by clicking here).

Site Analysis

Working with both the CEO and Marketing and Operations team, we set about rationalising the existing website's information in order to deliver the appropriate amount of content to clients using the transport service. After the content was categorised and re-organised into a fluent document, we created a website concept for review by the team. After some small edits we commenced the build.

Large text, easy navigation and an area to accommodate all documents

The text was designed to be larger than many websites with the user demographic in mind. Maximum contrast between backgrounds and text was achieved with black on white to assist with legibility.

Oversized elements in theme with the new branding were used throughout and small animation effects were used to bring attention to items such as the phone icons and other relevant details. The main hero of the home page features a slick video background along with the oversize logomark taking pride of place.

Easily identifiable documents for download

With a large and increasing catalogue of documentation required to be easily accessed for download, a publications page was designed for maximum legibility and ease of identification. These are frequently updated to keep clients up to date with the latest.

The project was brought in on deadline to excellent reviews from the team and their clients. We regularly update the content in line with their social media presence and ongoing programs which ensures a wholistic approach to marketing.

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