The Golf Centre - Website Design Project

The Golf Centre - Website Design Project
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The Golf Centre

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The Golf Centre needed a website to match their new logo and brand. It needed to be scaleable to allow for expansion of articles, reviews, tips and more.
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The Golf Centre - Website Design Project

We have a long term affiliation with The Golf Centre (previously known as Coffs City Golf Centre) which began when we created a new logo and brand identity. You can read about the logo and brand project here.

The new website for The Golf Centre based in Coffs Harbour NSW, needed to reflect the operation's new logo and branding and be infinitely scaleable for the future including capacity to add articles, playing tips and techniques, product reviews and e-commerce functionality.

We began with a website concept which was approved without alteration and we began the task of building the site architecture.

Home page hover activated images

One of the first technical challenges we had to overcome, was building the home page so that on the desktop and laptop sizes, images for each lead-in section were triggered by hovering the mouse over the respective button. Whilst we build sites with hover-activated animations all the time, this function was quite complex in that the image appeared in a section which was not related to its content. For example when hovering the mouse over the button for the coaching section, the about section disappears and reveals the coaching image. Creating triggers which operate another area on the page took some time to get right especially as the site resized through the smaller screen widths (eg tablet and phone where you don't operate a mouse but use your finger or a stylus pen). After several hours of trial and error we accomplished the task without needing to use hidden images which don't populate in other screen widths as this only doubles up on the size of the page, in turn slowing it down.

Video based hero images

We chose to use video as the hero on many pages and these will be updated as the team are able to have them created showcasing the amazing facility they operate from.

CMS functionality

Most of our websites use a Content Management System (CMS) as a way for clients to be able to login to their sites and create and publish new content. This site currently uses this technology for the staff bios, coaching tips (coming soon) and for club fitting supplier events.

Custom forms to gather information for coaching

We created custom forms for not only the contact page, but also for the coaching page. This allows the team to gather a wealth of information on customers who are looking for golf lessons and coaching. It helps the team recommend the best coach for each customer according to their golfing history, goals and current ability. As the team test this new system out, they will be able to have the system refined quickly and efficiently, as their needs evolve.

What's next?

The site has several things awaiting implementation including sections for equipment reviews, articles, news and coaching tips. As the content is created by the team, these new pages and sections will start to pop up so make sure you bookmark the site to keep abreast of the content as it comes out.

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