March 12, 2020

Conquer your content crisis. How to plan social media.

Conquer your content crisis. How to plan social media.
Conquer your content crisis. How to plan social media.
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While we’re in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, what about YOUR content crisis?!

Now is the time to be posting regularly on social media, to ensure your customers know you’re around and trading as per usual. This is NOT the time to stop!

Luckily, a content crisis for your daily social media is easily fixed and doesn’t require you to run out and stockpile toilet paper… or get into supermarket punch-ups ….

In all seriousness, it’s one of the biggest complaints we hear from those in business –

what should they post on their social media platforms each day?

Complain no more – your crisis is OVER!

Now, before you run out to buy us non-perishables as thanks, read on to see how you can ensure you never run out of content.

  1. Your almighty website

Yes, indeedy!

Use your website as the basis to create a social media plan.

Use your menu to start to break down your content into bite size, deliciously chewable pieces (kinda like a mixed bag of lollies – mmmm). For example, you can look to post about one of your products or services and do that as one post every week. Eg Every Monday you introduce a new product or service to educate the audience. Or introduce a staff member. Or tell people the story behind your business. Your website is there and is PACKED full of ideas, so use it.

  1. Industry dates and events

If you’re in an industry that has a lot of updates/regulations or events, use this to your advantage! Sign up to google alerts and put in the keywords you want to be notified about. Or if you’re part of an association, sign up to their newsletter.

This way you can post important news items, events or legal updates on your social platforms and you don’t have to write a thing! #score

  1. Sharing is caring

While we don’t condone stealing (naughty, naughty – do not do it), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sharing content from other social pages you follow.

If you think your audience would find value or enjoy the post, then by all means, hit share on Facebook or Repost on Instagram. Just ensure you’re giving credit to the original poster.

Is your content crisis still a crisis? Then perhaps you need to outsource your content creation to those that do it for a living (yeah, us...!) Head to our social media page for more information!

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