May 25, 2020

How to cross post from Facebook to Instagram!

How to cross post from Facebook to Instagram!
How to cross post from Facebook to Instagram!
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We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had people ask us if they can post from Facebook to Instagram and always, we’ve had to sigh and say ‘no’. BUT things have changed (a while ago actually….), and...

Now you CAN post from FaceBook to Instagram.

However there’s a few catches.

Firstly, you can only cross post from a BUSINESS page on Facebook to a BUSINESS account on Instagram. Secondly, you can’t cross post stories from FB to IG as the time of writing. Boo! Thirdly, and this is the kicker, you can’t post from the Facebook app. You have to log on to Facebook on a desktop or laptop computer. Big thumbs down!

Having said that, for those of you who prefer to use Facebook and aren’t quite ‘into’ Instagram yet, this can be a big help! So, how do you do it? Read on !

  • Ensure your Instagram account is linked on Facebook. To do that, login into Facebook (on a desktop or laptop!) and go to your Business page.
  • Click on settings, then choose Instagram on the left-hand side.
  • Hit the Login button next to ‘Add your Instagram’ and sign in with your Instagram credentials.
  • Once you’re linked, then head back to your Facebook Business page.
  • In the horizontal white menu, where it has ‘Page’ and ‘Ad Center’ find Publishing Tools. If you can’t see it, hit More and it should appear in the dropdown,
  • Hit Create Post and ensure you upload a photo (obviously, Instagram is ALL about photos, so if you don’t have a photo, it won’t let you post). If you don’t have a photo, the Instagram selection will remain greyed out.
  • Once you have uploaded that photo, the Instagram will change and you can select that option and post!

And there you go! Give it a try next time you need to post across both Facebook and Instagram.

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