February 25, 2020

The hashtag hoedown. All about hashtags.

The hashtag hoedown. All about hashtags.
The hashtag hoedown. All about hashtags.
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Yeehah! Let’s talk about hashtags, y’all! Nah, we haven’t gone all ‘country’ on you, however it’s high time we discussed hashtags.

There’s so much confusion out there, we thought we'd break it down.

When should you use hashtags, when not to, and how a hashtag works.

Heel and toe, and away we go!

  1. Facebook & hashtags.
I’m starting you off easy here. Best practice is, don’t use hashtags on Facebook.

If you’re a clever little peanut that pushes their Insta posts through to Facebook, then just make sure you jump onto Facebook and remove the hashtags after you’ve posted.

  1. Instagram & hashtags.

You MUST hashtag on Instagram. Okay, it’s not enforced (I’m not going to pop around to your place, hold your hand and type those hashtags in for you….) BUT, it’s how you get REACH.

And with reach comes followers. The more people you reach, the more people have the chance to view your profile and hit that ‘Follow’ button. If you don’t hashtag, you’re never going to get anywhere fast.

  1. Hashtag selection.
This is important! You need to be strategic with your hashtags.

If you jump into Instagram and type in a hashtag, you can see how many people have posted with that hashtag. You want to get a selection of hashtags that include hashtags that have large number of posts and those that have a smaller number of posts. And they need to be specific to your industry/what you do.

  1. Specific hashtags to the post.

When posting, make sure you use a set of ‘core’ hashtags that are relevant to your business – maybe say 10 or so. Then, ensure you post another 3 – 5 that are SPECIFIC to that post. For example, if I posted a picture of a dog, we’d post the following hashtags along with our core hashtags: #dog #italiangreyhound #dogsofinstagram #doggoneday. Ya get the gist?

So in summary, if you’re at the Hashtag Hoedown, you’d see Facebook decline any Hashtag’s offer to dance, Instagram would be dancing with lots of Hashtags, but being quite selective with WHICH Hashtags, and Facebook would probably be sitting in a corner, thinking about spiking the punch and wondering why they bothered to turn up.

Still confused about Hashtags and social media content creation in general? Why not outsource to us? Head to our Social Media page for more information.

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